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Don't worry if all you have is Halibut

I was sitting quietly reading a book, the other day, when the phone rang. The voice, on the other end, was one that I'd not heard for years. It was an old mate who'd tracked me down and we had a great time chatting. So great, in fact, that she invited myself and my husband to her family home for dinner that night. Unfortunately, due to the short notice we would have had to give sitters it was most likely not going to happen and we'd have to arrange for another time.

Due to work and travel she said we might have to wait a while so, if babysitters would be difficult, she suggested her and her husband could come for dinner at mine instead. That was a better idea than any other!

When the cell phone call ended and I thought about what I could make for dinner, I started to panic a little bit. I had only a couple of hours to make something for dinner and I hadn't been on a supermarket run for a couple of days. All I had at hand were a few Halibut steaks my husband had bought that afternoon that we’d planned to eat over the next few days. I let out a deep breath and relaxed. The whole shebang was going to turn out well.

I minced up some garlic, chopped some pine nuts and grated a little cheese before adding a teaspoon of basil and mayonnaise and topped the halibut with my mixture before placing it into bake 15 minutes or so after my friend and husband arrived.

And that's all I did with the halibut. Cooking a halibut dish doesn't have to be difficult - indeed, if it's difficult then you're probably going about it the wrong way. Simple and easy works best and you’ll find that most halibut recipes you happen to come across go along with that principle. Halibut itself has a refined flavour to it and due to it being a low oil fish, it can become quite dry. But it’s the sauce and topping that make this fish come alive and you could almost accidentally throw various tidbits together and create a sauce or topping that complements the halibut handsomely.

In fact, using halibut is so simple that you don't really need too many recipes to get the most out of it. As long as your sauce is moist enough to saturate into the flesh of the fish then you can almost throw anything together as a sauce or topping and fashion a lovely meal.

The praise I received that night from my guests and my own hubby were totally unwarranted for this reason. They seemed to think I'd performed a miracle in such a short period of time but this couldn't have been further from the truth and the praise, though welcome, weren't really warranted. Halibut is such an easy fish to work with that even my husband could probably put together a tasty dish!

So if you’re caught in a rush or looking for a quick and easy meal to cook one night, make sure you have some halibut in house as it will not only get you out of a pickle, but will also give you a meal that will have your guests showering you with praise all night.

Sally Taylor has been cooking various fish dishes for a number of years, specifically halibut, and is currently a contributor over at Halibut Recipes




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