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The Polar Stix Ice Pop Maker Set

An ice pop makes a delicious, delicious snack and a welcome choice to artificial products. Great for upcoming hot n' humid weather, delight your thirstiness with enjoyable taste and flavor. A practical, more personal technique on preparing your loved ones tasty desserts, can make their day better; compared to what a store bought ice popsicle can give.  Perfect for the kid in all of us, this is what homemade icy sticks are all about. Take pleasure in a tasty frozen treat anytime!
Fill up our icy treat holder with your preferred treats or beverage. Freeze the ice pops and presto-- a delicious snack for family and friends. There is nothing tastier compared to a chilly ice pop made just by individuals with passion.

Today's health minded society should have tasty options. Great tasting healthy balanced options need not be compromised. Tasty icy pops provide rejuvenating cool alternatives rather than a sweet, unnaturally flavored snack. It's not a secret that store purchased ice pops have preservatives in them; this not only damages its all-natural taste however can also create chemically grown diseases as well.

Fill, freeze, consume, and repeat. That is exactly how easy it is to make use of the Polar Stix Ice Pop Maker. It is reusable as well; clean them thoroughly after usage and the product will certainly be as good as brand-new. Children love it, and parents are happy with it. You need not look far to enjoy your very own homemade ice pop.

We take satisfaction in providing this top quality product.

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• Easy to use & Easy to Clean • Let's you make your own additive free ice pops • Make assorted ice pop flavors of your own choosing • Bright, colorful, and sweet.... for sweet treat lovers • FILL, FREEZE, EAT, REPEAT!!! (Reusable) • Free shipping with Amazon orders over $25 • BPA Free -The innovative design allows you to push up the frozen treat as you eat it, reducing waste and mess, as melting run-off streams back to the bottom of the pop container instead of onto your hands and clothing, allowing you to drink the melted "leftovers." No more bothering with wasteful, easy-to-lose sticks.

-Parents love Polar Stix ice pop makers because they can fill them with healthy fruit juice, natural yogurt, pudding, and even custom-blended fruit combinations and feel good about giving them to their children as a cool, healthy treat during hot weather.

-Polar Stix are so easy to handle that even toddlers can enjoy healthy frozen treats without making a sticky mess.

-The space-age silicon material makes Polar Stix ice pop makers dishwasher-safe. They come with lids to make freezing and packing easy and mess-free.

-Use them as leak-proof ice packs to keep lunch cold then serve as dessert.

-Each set comes in four different colors, making it easy to identify different flavors and types of frozen treats.

-Polar Stix ice pop makers are affordable, with promotions of four packages for the price of three, making the price for each reusable ice pop maker about $3.

-Now you don't have to worry about added sugar, chemicals, colors, and other unnecessary ingredients in commercial types of portable frozen yogurts and desserts. With Polar Stix ice pop makers, you control exactly what goes into your children's frozen treats.

-Easily available online, Polar Stix ice pop makers will make frozen treats you can give your children with confidence.

-BPA Free The only Ice Pop Maker Backed by a 1 year No-Hassel, free replacement Guarantee Kahty Renner


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