Sunday, 28 July 2013 18:25

Easy and Fast Healthy Cooking For All Age Group

Easy cooking is very essential in day to day life as people are busy in the whole day schedule so they can’t devote much time for cooking different varieties of foods. Today people are very concerned related to their health and are diet conscious whether it is about teenagers, infants, adults or old age people all wants to eat healthy food so that they don’t suffer from any disease. So easy and fast healthy cooking is very essential for the preparation of different varieties of food

The different techniques, methods or steps are followed to reduce preparation time and to cook healthy foods for all the age groups like more of the fibrous foods like salads, fruits and soups fulfill the satiety value and also makes the person healthy and free from any kind of disease. Grilled sandwiches can be made which are easy to make and healthy and are attractive, tasty which teenagers can enjoy while eating. The balanced diet and the food with right and equal amount of nutrients are very essential for the person’s diet.

Today variety of cuisines are available in the market which can be easily make and healthy too like poha which is rich in iron which can be given to the adolescent girls and can be prepared in lesser time period than other varieties. We can make upma with full of veggies which contains right amount of nutrients and can easily be eaten by old age people.

Baby foods and weaning food recipes can be given to the infants or the toddler group which are healthy and easy to make like dhal soups, apple puree, mash potatoes etc. Adolescents are much concerned related to their weight so they go for starving or dieting but the nutrient requirements are very high during this period like sandwiches, idli, juices, milk shakes, pizza sandwich, tandoori chicken, vegetable pulao etc which are easy to make and are healthy.

As we all know teenagers are very selective while eating foods but during this period calcium and protein requirements are very high for their growth, so we can make health foods but present them into attractive way and are tasty so that it appeals them and eat it easily like paushtik parantha, vegetable Maggie, soya cutlets in different shapes, tandoori kabbabs of vegetables, roasted chicken etc..

During adulthood, people are very busy in their work schedule as they have to fulfil their family needs so they don’t get time to cook or eat food so after every two hours they have to eat healthy food and which they can eat easily like fruits, sandwiches, juices, paushtik parantha, veggie roll, chicken roll, roasted cutlets etc which they can eat while working and it does not affect their health. So from the above we can say that we can make varieties of healthy cuisines which can be easily made in a shorter time period, its all about the mind creativity and thinking. Cuisine Links