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Delicious Indian Food

India is known for some of its best cuisine and culinary culture which attracts tourist from around the globe to come and taste some of its wonders. The residents of our country are quite skilled in coming up various delicious dishes and prepare scrumptious meals which are the major attraction for everyone. Best Indian Vegetarian Food places are known to be

present throughout the country and their important feature is the affordable and economic rates. The culinary treasures of India are spread far and wide right from North to South. The Gujarati Food Delhi in North to Chettinad Food Karaikudi in South is some of the different styles of food with opposite tastes found in the country. To those who love meat there are places catering to that taste and to those who are vegans there are a number of Indian Vegetarian Place for Dinner where one can go for a scrumptious meal.

Secret of Indian cuisine:-

What are some of the secrets of the Indian cuisine which continues to enchant many of those who taste the food? The answer to this is that the Indians utilize the fresh and home-made spices in most of their dishes. The spices add to the taste and smell of the dishes and end up leaving those who sample the food with a craving for more. The spices like Turmeric, cardamom, pepper, ginger, garlic, chilli and asafoetida add alluring sensory treats to the tasters and also present a visual feast with bright colours. Some of the Best Indian Vegetarian Food is found to be simple and tasty roti or rice as the main dish along with a curry/gravy which adds to the culinary experience. Some vegetarian dishes also include fried and marinated vegetables which can be made into different ways based on North and South Indian ways. The Indian cuisine has many little secrets but these can be easily adopted by anyone anywhere and thus this increases its importance.

North Indian Cuisine:-

North Indian Punjabi cuisine mainly composes of diverse range of foods like butter roti and paranthas with a large number of gravies like matter Paneer, Dal Makhani and other dishes. The north Indian cuisine places higher importance to wheat, potatoes and butter which are cooked in enticing dishes. Some of the Best Indian vegetarian food is found to have their home in North India and best Indian Vegetarian Place for Dinner is situated in Delhi, the capital of India. The restaurants which specialize in Gujarati Food Delhi are Suruchi, Rajadhani Thali Restaurant, Toran, Thaal Vaadi etc. These places are those which specialize in Gujarati Food Delhi are known to have economical rates and quality service along with delicious meals. Also the north Indian cuisine specializes in Tandoori which is known to give rise to good non-vegetarian dishes which give a unique taste. Some dishes are Kebab, Tandoori Chicken and Mutton chops.

South Indian Cuisine:-

On the other hand South Indian cuisine includes famous Kerala based meals and Chettinadu dishes from Tamil Nadu and dishes from Andhra. The major features of these dishes include their spicy nature and the smell of various spices and powders used. The South Indian cuisine places higher importance on Coconut, Red Chilly, Rice and oil. Some of their famous dishes include Sambhar, Briyani, Payasam, Fried Rice etc. Some of the best Indian Vegetarian Place For Dinner includes Taj, Aryaas, Anandha Bhavan, Rayappas etc. The main dishes of the South Indian cuisine focuses on Rice and later vegetable gravies and side dishes are made to accompany the main dish.

These are some of the various dishes and places which specialize in foods which have been found to be famous in India and are of great value to all. NARESH SHERAWAT