Friday, 14 October 2016 10:39

Sustainable and eco-friendly transport – is this even possible?

How many times, when looking for a transport company to move something for you, you have been asking yourself: „There must be simpler way to do it, than searching through dozens of transport companies’ websites”. So much effort put in and you still cannot be sure that the company is reliable. The answer to your question is YES, there is a simpler way. Check out – online marketplace for transport services.


How does it work?

It’s easy and quick. You can do it from home while sipping your favourite coffee – just list your item for free on You can inlude the size, amount and weight in a description. Then one click and your item is listed – it takes literally 2 minutes. 14 thousands transport providers already registered and verified by Clicktrans team will be notified about your listing. They will compete to give you the best prize and quality service. Under your listing you will see quotes from various transport providers – you can but you don’t have to pick one of the offers.

Ship anything anywhere – it’s cost-effective!

There are no limits when it comes to the size, weight or some special characteristics of your delivery. You need to transport a yacht, car or a motorcycle? Sure! Our transport providers will quote on your listing. You can check their profile page to see which items they are willing to transport. There are more then 50 categories, starting from more everyday items like a table, chairs, parcels to these more extravagant ones like yatchs, music instruments or paintings. Need to transport your pallets? We have also transport providers specializng in pet transport!

On you can find transport providers to move your house within your country or across countries within the EU. Moving motorcycle from Oxford to Madrid? Sofa from Berlin to Warsaw? Ship anything, anywere - it works the same for any transport service you need.

If you feel more comfortable speaking Spanish than English go to recently launched Spanish website -

Reliable transport providers and low prizes - How is this possible?

It’s quite simple – the solution is beneficial for both sides. People looking for a transport company are able to choose from 14 thousands transport providers. After you get quotes it is easy to check their profile and choose the one who meets your requirements. Feedback from customers, number of jobs completed and categories of items they transport - all the information you need are there.

From the transport provider standpoint, it is empty runs reduction what persuades them to participate in online transport marketplace. Often, they are already going to the same destination as your delivery – it is to their benefit to use the spare space in a track instead of running empty. Thanks to these and many other factors you can save up to 60% on transport !

Recently transported:

  • Panel doors transport (from Leeds to London) 68 EUR saved
  • Office chair transport from (London to Gdańsk) 17 EUR saved
  • Car transport (from London to Pescara) 394 EUR saved

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