Friday, 05 April 2013 21:46

Piercing Jewellery Is Good To The Extent Of Being Used Hygienically And Safely

Be it for the purpose of style statements or simply for the reason, that a friend is using it, the body piercing jewellery has nonetheless attracted plenty of attention these days. It is the wearing of jewellery by doing a small hole in the body, in different regions. These jewellery items can be made of gold or other metals like titanium and sometimes it is possible to find cheaper materials like steel, or mixed steel.
Different shapes are also available for this kind of jewellery such as the bar bells, anchors, studs, etc.

Apart from the ear and nose lobe piercings, nowadays, a lot of places in the body are being used for wearing these kinds of jewelleries especially designed for the purpose. Youngsters are using it for various reasons ranging from their expression of being gay or geeks or imitating their icons or to show that they belong to a particular group. Throughout the world, the concept of body piercing has taken a big shape and a large number of people are indulging in the act. But, to be able to enjoy what they are doing and doing it in the right manner, people need to take care of how they are using the piercing jewellery.

• The first thing about wearing piercing jewellery is to choose the location where one wants to do it. There are different parts in the body which are being used by people and the nose and ear are common among them. But it is not the usual places where piercings are done but a little different from the common places. Tragus piercing near the pinna in ear and the septum piercing near the lateral part of the nose are newer but common parts. Dermal piercing is also becoming common because this is just about making a hole in the skin layer and doesn't go into any internal tissue.

Sometimes people go for the lip piercing, labret piercing and tongue piercing, which are done in places that touch the internal epidermal layer inside the oral cavity. These are places which are considered to be painful and sometimes also harmful because the hole is being done in close contact with the inside of the buccal cavity, where infection is prone to spread. So, selection of the place which people want to get the piercing is important and this should be decided carefully, considered different aspects of the indulgence.

• Hygiene is an important factor while getting the body piercing, whichever part it might be in, the hood piercing which is safer than the labret piercing. Whatever is the site, the use of clean needles and wearing of gloves by the person doing the hole is important. Aseptic conditions will lessen the chances of infection in the place where the hole is done and people can easily wear the jewellery.

Materials should also be chosen carefully, when the piercing jewellery is being ordered from the online jewellery store. Getting good quality material, even though it is costly, is the right thing to do. Since there are allergies to the materials, things should be chosen after people confirm that they don't have any such conditions. Also, in case of any symptoms of rejection of the jewellery, people should immediately get to the doctor and not try to manipulate themselves. If people have done the helix piercing, and they find pus in the point of hole, then they need to remove the jewellery at once and reach the doctor's clinic as early as possible. Care for such piercings is of paramount importance or else people will have to face serious consequences.


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