Sunday, 28 April 2013 19:14

Bohemian Style and Clothing for Women

The beauty about the bohemian style is that no piece of jewelry is off limits. You can team up all those mismatched accessories for creating your own unique boho style. Light-weight dresses are a major part of this creative style and by complementing them with rugged jewelry you can get that chic and funky look.
Fashion trends are always changing everyday and it is easy to get confused and caught up in all the hype. However, It is important to develop a style that is a

reflection of your own personality. The difference between fashion and style is this; fashion is about what is popular at a specific time while style is about expressing your uniqueness by what you wear.

Are you a free spirited person who likes to go with the flow? Do you find yourself mixing and matching everyday street clothes from your wardrobe each time you want to leave the house? Then you might want to consider a bohemian style. Bohemian clothing for women is a style that is associated with creativity and an easy going attitude. You can go as exotic or as casual as you wish. Many celebrities embrace this look as they create their personal style and fashion statement. With the boho look, you are always sure that you will never bump into anyone wearing the same outfit.

Go to the back of your closet and take out all those long-forgotten pieces of jewelry, the chunky bracelets, earrings, headbands, and berets. There is no limit to what you can throw together while assembling your look. Your imagination is the only thing that can hold you back. Take risks and experiment with different items. Play with different color and pattern combinations. This is all about having a good time as you learn about your personal style. You do not have to look put-together with everything matching the other. All those items that look mismatched on the hanger might end up surprising you once you try and throw them together.

Even though it is good to express yourself as much as possible, remember, it is wise to obey some fashion rules. Too many colors and patterns will end up giving the wrong impression. Chances are, you will come across as confused and leave people asking, "What were they thinking?" It is all in the small details. Forget about the stilettos and go for the wedges or flip-flops. Try and incorporate more than one era into your look. Go for contrasting colors as you consider your look because this is a very big part of it. It is also good to have free flowing, light-weight garments in the collection as you are starting to collect items. For example, maxi dresses, ruffle skirts and airy peasant blouses. The maxi dress is a very versatile garment because it comes in many designs, colors and fabrics. It can be dressed up and down as you want.

The final thing to keep in mind is that you should wear something that makes you feel fabulous and confident. If the style does not reflect your personality then you will not be comfortable in it. The best look is the one that comes across as effortless. Keep experimenting until you come up with your very own bohemian signature look and style. You never know, you might just become the next trend setter in the bohemian clothing for women ()! The writer of this article is associated with Irene’s Story, a leading women's boutique. Clothing of different styles is available at the store.