Monday, 13 May 2013 09:30

Take up the Asics Challenge and start running!

Running in recent years has become quite popular discipline and form of activity. Running is relatively inexpensive, does not require much preparation and most of all – anyone can start running. However, sometimes things that may seem simple can be a real struggle, as a coach of the French sprint champion Christophe Lemaitre- Pierre Carraz.

The right effort, motivation and focus to achieve your goals are the basis of training as an athlete. Although running is difficult and many people give up on it after years of training, there is always a chance of a comeback.
You can always comeback to running, deal with the effort again, and start fighting for what you want . As much as it may fear you, you are able to fight with your body, but most of all, fight with your own psyche. You can do whatever you wish to do and all you need is to want it.
The mind of the runner should not be distracted- the person should not think about any problems, tomorrow’s dinner or a date with the loved one. The time you spend on running is the time for you and your aims and goals that you want to achieve. At the beginning, the main goal is to reach the finish line, then to get best time and fight with your own fears of inability to achieve more.

Does it fear you? The fear here is not needed- you can try the challenge that Asics has to offer and make your own training plan that suits you, keeps you motivated and get wherever you wish to get.
Even if you have not run or done a lot of exercising in the past, it does not matter. Anyone can start the challenge with Asics and get to the point where they have always wanted to.



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