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Make a career in Graphic Designing

A career in graphic design is highly exciting and invigorating. It is a riveting world out there where typos, colours, patterns images and texts are given new formats and styles to present a certain idea about a product or service to a target audience. To be equipped with skills and develop abilities in designing, you need to pursue a graphic design course from a reputed design school. A career in graphic design will keep you on your toes. As a designer, you can work in print
, publishing, signage, exhibition & retail, digital, animation, TV channels and web & new media. You can work in print and publishing industry and design for newspapers, tabloids, magazines layouts. You can also find a great career in the digital world where you’ll design for websites. The advertising world relies upon talented designers. Be it offline and online advertising, designers have a great role to play. In the design industry, you’ll be constantly asked to come up with innovative ideas that will project products and services in the desired manner. You would have to keep yourself in sync with the client’s requirements and understand his vision. This is very important because as a designer you’ll be catering to the client’s visions and thoughts. You have to transform the client’s perception into attractive, spectacular, informative and persuading designs.

If you have the talent to design, draw and sketch and create unique designs, then you should ably support your talent with formal education in designing. To work in the industry, you need to do a professional degree/diploma. If you want to make a career in design you need to have loads of creativity to produce new and attractive design and a design school will enhance your creativity. There are programs available for under-graduates and graduates. For UG students 3 year programs are available and for graduates 2 year courses are available. A course in graphic design will provide you knowledge in number of modules such as Design Principles, Visual Communication, Ideas Generation & Development, Contextual & cultural referencing and Advertising Campaigns. Visual communications, Copy writing for Advertising, Editorial Designs and Art, Design & media practice. The design course will provide you knowledge in managing a creative business, Interactive media authoring and other aspects such as Typographic Skills and Photographic techniques, Drawing techniques, Art, Design & Media Practice etc. You’ll be trained in Ideas generation & development, Contextual & cultural Referencing, drawing techniques, Animation techniques, Editorial Designs and many more.

If you are looking for the best design school in the country, you need to consider WLCI School of Design which is one of the best graphic designing institutes in India. It offers a comprehensive course which equips you with the current industry demands. The school also offers on-the-job training to the students in the final year of the course. The Corporate Services team of WLCI assist students in getting the best placements. WLCI students are working with reputed firms such as the Mudra Group, NDTV, White Ink Studio, Greengoose, Contract, Elephant and many more.

For more information, feel free to visit WLC School Of Desgion .

WLCI School of Advertising is one of the largest professional institutions in the country to offer a comprehensive graphic design courses. It is a premier B-school which offers traineeship program to its students along with the management course and offers industry –oriented course taught by senior and experienced faculty.



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