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Corporate Chic: Four cool must haves for a classy formal look

Monday morning blues are quite difficult to shake off (I am still wrestling them). Though its high noon, you feel dreamy and your eyes keep closing as you relax in the comfort of the A.C. However you can’t just fool around and need to wake up. Another typical hassle of a Monday morning is what to wear to work, what’s cool, what’s hot and what’s completely not meant to be in the wardrobe in the first place. Workplaces come with their code of conduct and you need to follow the
guidelines in general. But it doesn’t mean you have to look boring, you can always find your cheat code to look stylish while keeping up with the rules. Here are a few fabulous tips about how to dress smartly at work:

• Pants Suit – Just put on a Pant suit and there you are, it defines sophistication. Pant suits makes you look gorgeous and you can wear them any time be it at a meeting or at a normal work day. Pant suits can go from business casuals to being simply casuals. They come in great variety, the sleek silhouette, the slouchy style and the old-fashion tweed is a few to name. You can choose the one which suits you the best by adding a personal touch with some experimenting. It is best to get it tailored from a personal stylist so that it not only fits you well but you look like the epitome of elegance.

• Skirts – Skirts are a must-have in your wardrobe because they look chic and the different looks that you can create with them probably have no limitation. While opting to wear skirts in office environment, it is most appropriate to wear the ones which end just a little below the knee. Pencil skirt and A-line skirts are totally in when it comes to corporate culture. Use your creativity and couple them with a variety of shirts and blouses to create a unique and sensual look everyday after all fashion is about speaking your mind. A personal fashion stylist can handpick the ones which suit you the best.

• Dresses – And there are those days when you don’t feel like getting into a pant suit or a skirt. For times like those you can get into a cozy dress. There are some really awesome dresses to wear in the work environment which are a perfect combination of casual and formal wear. Dresses which come in a dual color, skirt and blouse fashion are a personal favorite and look really stylish. You should have at least one in your wardrobe. For once drop basic colors like white, black and gray and try experimenting with pastel shades. Try fashion shopping online for an exuberant variety.

• Cardigan and Jackets – You do get bored wearing blouse and shirts to work everyday. If that’s the case with you sleeveless tops are a good option. However, if you think that it’s too much of a skin show, you can smartly cover it up with a smart cardigan or jacket. You must always have one in your wardrobe because you never know when you are going to need one. So shop around for a really cool piece of cardigan or a jacket which floats your boat.

So guess your Monday morning blues are sorted at least for a while. The secret to great fashion is experimenting so don’t give up the good hunt and keep exploring. Natalie Ross

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