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Little Information About Vintage Fashion

Vintage clothing are the garments which hs come form previous era. The clothes which are at least 20 yrs old come in this category. These garments are about the heritage,craftmenship,quality,style and good design. If you wear these clothes you have an opportunity to raise the respect of beautifully made clothes that are individual, a unique piece of history and enivroment friendly as they are recycled products.

History:- Although this type of fashion clothes has always been in demand and is appreciated for fabrics,superior quality and design but it gained a huge popularity in the early 1990s. The popularity it gained was because of the following reasons:-

1. the increase in visibility in vintage clothes was as the top models and celebraties started wearing these type of clothes eg Julia Roberts, Renee Zellweger, Chloe Sevigny and many more. It also gained more popularity in mid 20s when it was seen in the television and films . 2. These clothes also gained popularity as they were being used for environment sustainability by reusing, recycling and repairing rather than throwing them away. The clothes which were in poor condition were also reused in new clothes.

Retail Market:- These fashion clothes can be purchased from places like charity-run second hand shops,consignment shops,antigue markets,auctions, vintage clothing shops and many more places. You can also go to fairs fo these classic clothes the first fair which was put in different places on the demand of people was “Frock Me” in London, Chelsea and Brighton. In United States these shops are found in towns which have a lot of univerities and colleges in it and artsy neighbourhood of cities. Nowdays maximum people opt for internet marketing through which people surf on internet and buy different things on internet which has immesively increased the market for vintage fashion clothing as people especially women who have been more aware than the previous generation use internet marketing at home and buy these clothes as they don't like to go to different markets and waste their money and energy.

Tough there are many ways to buy these type of clothes but there is always a problem in sizes. The sizes in which these clothes are avialable are always smaller than the actual standard clothes ,the XS size of today's clothes are equal to the medium size the special clothes. So the people who are obese will find it very difficult to find their size in these rare clothes. So almost in every market of vintage fashion clothing there is an fitting room to make the clothes according to your size.

Some people are fond of these type of clothes but as the actual classic clothes are expensive can't purchase them so they can go for vintage inspired clothes. These clothes are stitched today but the inspiration is taken from the previous era.The advantage of these clothes is it is available for all size, in all colours and are very cheap so they can be purchased by normal people. The disadvantage is the fabrics and the quality of the cloth used is of today which is not so superior as the actual classic clothes and it get spoiled very quickly. Many people are also being fooled by telling these clothes as actual old era clothes.

So vintage clothes are popular today as many people buy them as it brings uniqueness in person's personality so people really want to experience this uniqueness and so they will also be in demand in future.More people should buy these clothes and take the popularity of vintage fashion clothing to great heights.


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