Tuesday, 11 February 2014 18:13

New Reserved Kids Collection

This is definitely a vivid collection dedicated to fearless explorers of undersea world. Immerse yourself in its multicolored diversity, saturated shades of turquoise and coral. Check out the vintage version of a sailor trend, where besides the classic stripes there are prints inspired by old engravings.

Energetic, sports models inspired by multicolored underwater world is an option for girls who like ease, comfort and unusual clothes. Contrasting dots, neon accents and rich colors of turquoise and coral are motifs which this spring collection is based on.

Deep blue
The collection is dedicated to all small and big ocean explorers, intrepid lovers of underwater sailing with Captain Nemo and Jacque Cousteau crew.
A sailor trend emerges here as a vintage one, where next to classic stripes and neutral navy-blues, non-obvious color combinations and prints reminiscent of old engravings appear.

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