Monday, 21 December 2015 10:12

Oroton Introduces A New Range of Handbags

Oroton has recently launched a new range of leather handbags. Oroton is known for making one of the best leather handbags in the industry. There are more than 80 outlets in 5 countries is the evidence of their success, sophistication and their respect in the luxury fashion industry.


Oroton is an Australia based luxury fashion brand, famously known for its leather handbags. Along with the leather bags, Oroton has many other leather and luxury fashion products to offer. Leather accessories for men and women, and other fashion products like apparel, lingerie, shoes and watches are a part of their collection.

Oroton has recently launched a huge collection of leather handbags, shoes, watches, men and women fashion accessories and many other luxury fashion products. All this new collection is available at their more than 80 outlets in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Oroton has always been a pioneer in fashion industry of luxury leather products. Their leather handbags and other leather accessories are a benchmark for others to follow and they have set a standard in this regard because their highest quality material and top of the line finish of leather products. Despite of their highest quality leather handbags, their prices are what makes Oroton the best in the industry. Oroton Group has made sure that despite of their highest quality leather products, their prices remain in a balance as compared to a lot of their overpriced competitors.

Oroton handbags Australia, are known for their resilience, quality, and best designs. What makes these handbags standout is the design philosophy of Oroton which has been in play for 75 years. Attention to the details in making those handbags and certain unique aspects of their design philosophy is what makes those leather handbags standout among others in the market.

The proton is a part of Oroton Group Australia. Oroton Group is committed to provide their customers with the best quality luxury fashion products through more than 80 outlets in 5 countries. Along with owning the Oroton brand, Oroton Group is the official distributor of GAP and Brooks Brothers.

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