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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 14:08

Coffee brings people together!

Coffee - our friend from the morning. It helps us to awaken, it tastes great, and additionally allows us to relax while building relationships with other people. How many interpersonal breakthroughs have been established so far by saying "Let's go for a coffee?" Quite a few, and as of today, together with EDB 's Coffee Connector there will be many more!

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Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, has selected Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the leading IT services, consulting and business solutions organisation, as its new global IT provider. The decision by Diageo to partner with TCS is the latest milestone in a programme to transform the way it provides IS services to around 36,000 employees, operating in 180 countries around the world.

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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 16:41

APFA responds to FOS budget consultation

The Association of Professional Financial Advisers (APFA) has responded to the Financial Ombudsman Service's (FOS) plan and budget for 2014/15. While APFA welcomes FOS' decision to keep its levy, standard case fee and the number of free cases at the same levels as last year, it has called on the Ombudsman to require all claims management companies (CMCs) submitting claims to pay a fee.

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Thursday, 27 February 2014 10:05

A new era of justice!

The legend of Robin Hood, prince of thieves, is known to practically everyone. The self-proclaimed wealthy benefactor stole from the treasures of the rich and gave them to the poor. Sounds like a fairy tale for children? Maybe once upon a time it was. Today, it is a new, innovative tax that can save the UK economy!

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The IKEA Group net income increased by 3.1% to EUR 3.3 billion for the financial year 2013, and market conditions continued to improve with strong growth in China, Russia and the US.“Consumer spending is improving in many countries. While the challenging economic situation may not be over, there are positive signs. Important consumer markets such as the US are coming back and Europe in general is starting to recover. Even some of the challenging markets in Southern Europe are showing good signs of activity”, says President and CEO Peter Agnefjäll.

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Fears of weakening prospects for the new year have knocked business confidence back to a two-and-a-half year low, according to the latest Business in Britain report from Lloyds TSB Commercial. Firms remain particularly worried about the outlook for demand in domestic markets and the eurozone, and are continuing to rein in recruitment and investment spending as a result. However, businesses are still upbeat about prospects in export markets outside Europe, where trade has remained resilient in recent months.

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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 16:58

Deciding on your Telephony

Telephony is the cornerstone of many businesses. If a potential customer cannot contact you over the telephone, they will likely move onto the next company in the phonebook and try them instead. More importantly than just having a phone system that can get somebody on the end of the line is

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Saturday, 04 January 2014 15:29

Safety first!


You are asleep. Suddenly the sound of the alarm clock gets to you. You already know that there is no getting away from it, you have to get up and start a new day; make the breakfast, fight with the children to ensure they eat at least one piece of toast, battle for the bathroom... and in all this you still need to remember to have everything done on time.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013 16:35

Learn to Become an Affiliate Marketer

The traditional form of marketing relies heavily on sales agents. Sales agents are responsible for sales. Sales agents can make or break a company. Companies hire sales agents on commission basis. Companies do not pay any fixed amount to sales agents but they are paid commission per sale. Same concept applies in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers can also take any company to big success.
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Getting users to establish intimate reference to your product is will certainly do greatly to your whole product promotion}. You will likely know you may find a style of people times that your web visitors could easily protest must you showed warning warning signs of slackening into your production.

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