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FIFA World Cup in PS4 and Xbox One

Lately Messi is on everyone's lips in the sports landscape , if he is injured , that if Cristiano Ronaldo deserves the Golden Ball more than him, that if FIFA supports you more than others . But that is not our business to us , which we are interested is that Messi once again in the advert which in recent years has been crowned as the best football simulator . This is the TV spot they have prepared the player of FC Barcelona and Xbox One

It seems that Electronic Arts were thinking how to convey that FIFA 14 will be the version that reflects a more realistic football. The solution is as simple as turning the boy playing happily with their own Xbox One on Lionel Messi to go directly to FIFA 14 goal scoring finishing shot .

FIFA 14 is now available on consoles on the market , and reach both Xbox One as a PlayStation 4 this month when offered for sale . It also has a free version for Android and iOS devices . The king of football simulation is gearing up for the new generation of consoles.

Electronic Arts is developing a FIFA World Cup the World Cup 2014 in Brazil , which will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

At perish , Andrew Wilson , CEO of Electronic Arts , said during a meeting with investors , who are developing numerous titles for 2014 . Some of the games that spoke already know , such as Dragon Age Inquisition or The Sims 4 . But also confirmed the development of some new features like a new FIFA World Cup What is less clear is whether this will be a game itself in physical or digital format , or simply be a DLC for FIFA 14.

Currently , we are developing only for next-generation consoles , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and whether they can be enjoyed in the current consoles . For now, and as we await more news about FIFA World Cup, we enjoy football with FIFA 14 on current generation consoles , and in less than a month, it will launch game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The days progress , the parties are finalizing results and the next-gen is approaching more and more. Therefore, Electronic Arts wanted to share the trailer of FIFA 14 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Although currently we can play our own league on consoles, computers and laptops, the more patients can enjoy the first of the new generation FIFA as of November , with the engine all put Iginite Engine and the best teams in the world to enjoy the best simulation of EA . The trailer sums up some of the features of FIFA 14 on PS4 and Xbox One as the air, more precise movements , instincts PRO and hundreds of new animations among which include most characteristic movements of elite players.

Graphically we can say that the game environment has improved considerably when it comes to the weather and the public. Before starting to rain comments like ' FIFAil 14' , finds bear in video quality and the environment that plays it. Remember that the Xbox One reserved in Europe grautita include a digital copy of FIFA 14.

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