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Ways to Finance Your Plastic Surgery

If you've decided that you're ready to have plastic surgery performed, you'll have to figure out how to pay for it. Although there are a few exceptions to the rule, healthcare policies usually won't cover any of the costs of what they consider elective procedures. Even though cosmetic procedures are performed to improve the way you look, there are spillover benefits. For example, your emotional wellbeing may be enhanced because you'll feel so much better about your appearance.

Your financial situation may be enhanced, too, because job applicants who appear young and attractive often get the best jobs.


If you have a substantial sum of cash, this is an easy way of paying for your plastic surgery. Perhaps you just received an inheritance from a long lost relative. Wouldn't Aunt Hilda or Uncle Ned be happy to see you spend some of the money to improve your life? If you have a large balance in your savings account, tapping into that could also be a ready source of funding. Perhaps you have rich parents or siblings who always want to get you a gift. What could be a better present than nips and tucks to create a more attractive body or face? Maybe you have an ample income with money to spare in your budget. Spending your cash in this way is an investment in yourself.

Second Job

If you already work fulltime to pay for your regular expenditures, getting a second job can pay for your rhinoplasty, facelift, or breast augmentation. You might not want to work two jobs forever but you can do anything temporarily. This is especially true if you have a goal in mind. Some possibilities for additional income include doing freelance work, house sitting, pet sitting, babysitting, or taking a weekend job.

Sell Something

Another source of ready cash may be sitting in your house or garage right now. Do you have items you don't need that you could sell? Do you have a boat but rarely get to the lake? Sell it and use the proceeds to pay for your liposuction. Do you have a third car that just sits in the garage but no one ever drives it? You can bring in some thousands of dollars by selling an extra automobile. You will also save money on insurance costs on vehicles so this aspect could improve your budget, as well.

Finance It

Many plastic surgery offices have convenient financing options for their patients. If you choose this option, check the interest rate and repayment terms carefully. You might be able to obtain a personal loan at your bank or credit union to pay for your procedure, as well.

Plastic surgery can enhance your wellbeing on many levels. If you wonder how you will pay for it, there are answers. You can pay cash, get a second job temporarily, sell something or finance it.



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