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Take care of your most important organ - the brain

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Nowadays, where the pace of life is dizzyingly fast, we can often encounter a situation in which we meet people who are very tired. This is not always associated with physical fatigue - often it is mental fatigue.

The brain like any other organ needs energy and substrates for its active and good work. When we use the brain in a very intensive way there may be a shortage of "food" for neurons. In this case, the transmission of signals from one nerve cell to another may be slowed down - hence the problems with concentration and attention. You can remedy this and reach for dietary supplements, which support the work of the brain - nootropics.


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Nootropics - concentration is the key to success

Nootropic supplements are those which, thanks to their composition, nourish the brain of a given person and thus make their thinking clarity and concentration improved. On paper it looks very good. Unfortunately, this is not always the case - it depends on the supplement and the person's body. Therefore, once the decision is made to reach for these capsules, you should choose those that are best researched to maximize the possible effect. Their task is to provide neurons with nutrients for active work and transmission of signals. Such substrates will include neurotransmitters or glucose thanks to which the signal transduction will be smoother and faster which translates into the desired effect of better brain function, good concentration and easier memory.


Rich supplements called nootropics in addition to B vitamins also contain stimulants such as caffeine or taurine to also stimulate the body to action. But the main protagonists will be piracetam or galantamine. The former is most likely to increase the use of oxygen, glucose and blood supply to the brain. Galantamine, on the other hand, improves memory by reducing the feeling of dullness. Over-the-counter nootropic preparations are relatively safe and no serious side effects have been discovered.