Friday, 12 November 2021 13:40

Citrulline - nitric oxide booster pixabay

Citrulline belongs to a wide group of amino acids, which perform important functions in the human body. The main one is regulating blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and improving muscle performance.

It is part of the urea cycle, which is very important in the detoxification of the body. It has found its place among others in the form of supplements for actively exercising people.

Use of citrulline in sport

Citrulline is used by athletes to increase the quality of training and improve the quality of the physique.

Its main function is to induce a muscle pump effect, which occurs by stimulating nitric oxide(NO) production. This is because it is in the urea cycle that citrulline is converted into arginine which produces the effect. This is why citrulline is said to be a nitric oxide booster. Muscle pump is nothing else than widening blood vessels and improving blood flow to muscles. Thanks to this they are "pumped up". Along with blood travels more nutrients and oxygen, which improves performance, facilitates energy production and improves regeneration. Destroyed muscle fibers need nutrients to renew. More blood in the muscles means more nutrients, which enhances this process.

Generally speaking after using citrulline the efficiency of workout increases. Training can be more intensive and longer without so much fatigue, which is of course very desirable for athletes.

Use of citrulline

Citrulline should be used approx. 30 minutes before workout - during that time the product will be absorbed and will be effective. If you want an even stronger effect, you can also take it with arginine - the muscle pump effect will surely increase. It is generally said that you should take between 4-6g of citrulline per day.

Citrulline is a very well researched supplement. There have been many publications that have unequivocally stated that taking citrulline has no significant side effects. See