Friday, 15 March 2013 19:55

Cycle and drink your way round London

The new London Barclays Cycle Hire scheme has been introduced recently by the Mayor of London with the aim of getting London more active and reducing the traffic in central London. It is a fantastic addition to this great city and will benefit tourists and locals alike. To spice up the cycle hire you can combine it with some of London’s finest pubs.

If you haven’t been on a Boris Bike then now is the time. This is your final reminder to not miss out on the fun of hiring one of London’s cycle hire bikes and get yourself around London without having to cram onto a bus or tube. Not only that but I highly recommend taking the time to have a day out on the bikes combined with some of London’s finest pubs. A Boris Bike Pub tour is all the new rage in London so saddle up for some serious fun.

You can hire a bicycle from any of the docking stations located all over central London. There are hundreds of them and ideally located close to some great pubs of London. I have been plotting the best routes to carve out a fun Bike and pub tour so I thought I would share this great idea with the world.

First up you need to register for a key token which gives you access to the bikes. This can be done easily online but soon enough anybody will be free to walk up to a docking station and hire the bike. Once you have your key token you are good to go, insert the key token, wait for the green light and you are off on your Boris Bike pub tour of London! My recommended route starts in Green Park. Pick up a bike in this area and cycle through the trees of Green Park heading alongside Buckingham Palace where you can then head down The Mall. Once at Trafalgar square, turn right for Big Ben, where you can soak up London’s political heart. So you must be thirsty by now, no problem, one of London’s best drinking locations is close by, The Tattershall Castle on Embankment is a docked boat with some of the finest views of the river and overlooks both the London Eye and Houses of Parliament. You might even find a london happy hour to get the drinks flowing!

Once enjoying a fine pint of cider, get back on the bikes (there is a docking station close by) and head down the north bank with fine views of the river and city of London. We are now heading south of the river, across London Bridge, and head down Borough High Street where you will find one of London’s best pubs, The George. It has a classical mock tudor exterior with a fine courtyard and quaint corridors and low ceilings. Sample some of the fantastic british ales but not too many!

Ok so it is time to get back on the Boris bike and head back into the city of London. Keep your eyes on the road as you glide pass the gherkin and pass Tower 42. We are now heading down through Fenchurch street, smiling at the city workers, and on our way to our final destination which is Brick Lane. You can find a docking station in Aldgate and then head up Brick Lane to end your fantastic bike tour of London with a classic London curry on Brick Lane. Once you have eaten, my final recommendation is to relax and relive the ride of your life at The Big Chill Bar, which is perfectly suited to rest those limbs and saddle bum, this is one of my favourite bars in London!

Remember to ride sensibly, helmets are recommended, have a good ride!

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