Thursday, 21 March 2013 22:30

5 best theatre shows in Manchester

If your interested in musicals and the theatre then Manchester is the place to be, no longer does London have to be your destination when your in search of some theatrical entertainment.
There are some entertaining theatre productions reaching Manchester soon. Many of these are touring but some remain open in the theatre for several months at a time.

1. Grease.
Showcasing at the Palace Theatre Manchester, Grease is an old time favourite that the whole family will love – including the little ones. With glitz and costumes and music to knock your socks off, Grease is a winner for all. You might even get to meet the cast after the show if you’re lucky!
2. Sister Act.
At the Opera House Theatre in Manchester, Sister Act returns for another successful round of shows. Its record breaking sell out shows have been popular all over the country and Manchester is no exception. The show is based around Deloris who witnesses a murder and gets put into protective custody in a convent. She helps the convent’s choir become a hit and meets many friends along the way. The diva style, family friendly, fun and fabulous show is sure to have you dancing on your feet!
3. The Sound of Music
From the sound to the scenery to the stage lighting, Manchester welcomes The Sound of Music back into its Palace Theatre this autumn. The hit show follows a large family escaping the Nazis and welcoming a new Nanny into the home. It is just as mesmerising as the film and is ideal for children and adults alike.
4.  Dirty Dancing.
Everyone loved the film well now it’s time to relive it through the live experience. Heart pounding music and sincere acting make the show an enjoyable and heart warming experience for anyone- even those who haven’t seen the film. The audience members get up and dance too, making the atmosphere even more electric.
5. Oliver!
This hit show has received a lot of good press recently after the TV show reminded audiences of the heartfelt tale of a young boy at an orphanage who struggles to make his way. The songs are just as great as they always were, and the show is being shown in Manchester for several months. This is one not to be missed!


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