Monday, 08 April 2013 15:35

It’s time to relax in South Tyrol!

Italy is not only Roman Colloseum or exquisite Adriatic but also plenty of undiscovered lands which beauty and boundless secrets attracts everyone. One of them is South Tyrol – region which hides outstanding Alps and which is known only to skiers. South Tyrol is located at the nothernmost point in Italy. This is the place where hundreds of people come every year to ski and to delight in wonderful silence, calm and Italian atmosphere.

It is the land full of contrasts – Alpine peaks neighbour Mediterranean landscapes and cosmopolitan spirit walks hand-in-hand with deep-rooted Italian tradition of this place. That’s what adds charm to Tyrol – the harmony of the contrasts which creates a real tourist paradise that you should discover too!
In spite of appearances – Tyrol is not a place which should be visited only in the winter. This is the region which gives you year-long entertainment. Beautiful castles such as Tyrol Castle, Firmiano or Castel Coira, health resorts and numerous museums include Museion in Bolzano or Messner Mountain Museum Juval make that you will look in another way at Italy. Above all you will discover that this country means something more than golden beaches, Venice and Sicily. Especially it is a country where you can have fun everywhere!
Discover Italy once more and fall in love with its new dimension today!