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10 Things for Which Florida is Known For!

Whenever one imagines Florida, it is always a happy picture in the mind. And why not? Beautiful beaches, sparkling blue waters, great weather – it is definitely paradise on earth. If you are contemplating a move to the Sunshine State, as Florida is popularly referred to, you will surely not be disappointed. Initially looked upon as a tourist destination only, the state has now emerged as one of the most popular locations when people want to move and settle down. There are quite
a few famous schools and colleges situated here and some renowned companies also have offices in Florida.

However, before you relocate to Florida, you should know that it is not just about sandy white beaches, snowbirds and cartoon mice! Take a look at what else it is famous for:

LandShark Lager

Popularly known as the beer of Parrotheads, the Margaritaville Brewing Company in Jacksonville started brewing it in 2006. It is a clean tasting pale lager with a hint of island living in every sip. It has recently partnered with Ocean Conservancy to contribute to a worthy cause – keep the lovely oceans clean and beautiful.

4 Orange Premium Vodka

Did you know that each bottle of 4 Orange Premium Vodka contains 20 Florida oranges? They are four different varieties – Parson Brown oranges, Temple oranges, Valencia oranges and Hamlin oranges. This vodka is distilled at Florida’s first registered distillery, established in 1943 in Lake Alfred. So how does this beverage stand out from the rest? This is actually not an orange-flavored vodka as per common belief, but is an orange-based vodka, made from 100% orange spirits. Just imagine sitting on the beach, reading a book, and relaxing with this heavenly drink after a rough week at work – pure bliss!

Viking Surfboards

With so many amazing beaches with 1350 miles of coastline, surfing was bound to be a popular activity in Florida. Approximately 40% of the East Coast surfing population is in the state. Ever since 1998, Viking Surfboards have been based in Fort Lauderdale. They also produce SUP’s, kite boards, tow in boards and surf apparel.

The Wish Kingdom

Moving with a little one in tow? That is just perfect because you will have a lot of fun shopping for coastal inspired linens for your baby. The Wish Kingdom offers elegant baby gifts with a coastal feel. The store is owned by the Singer Island company and sells a lot of stuff beginning from apparel to bed sheets. What makes it unique is that every item is cut and sewn by hand, which means no two items is alike.

Black Diamond Guitar Strings

The Black Diamond began as a small shop of musicians making strings for other musicians in Sarasota way back in 1890. It is said that - if there’s music in the roots of your family tree, chances are there’s a Black Diamond story resting in the branches. Josh Turner, Julian Mandrake and Matt Noveskey are among Black Diamond’s fans.

Tibor Reel Corp.

More records have been set using hand-assembled Tibor Reels, the favorite fly-fishing reels of both President Bushes than any other in salt or fresh water. According to the International Game Fish Association, Tibor Reels holds more than 750 world records to date. Every inch of the reel, which has a lifetime warranty, is made in the U.S., mostly in the company’s 25,000-square-foot factory headquarters in Delray Beach.

Nature’s Kitchen Dog Food

The very first all natural product from Maverick Pet Foods is situated in Hollywood, Florida. Their philosophy is quite simple and at the same time quite unusual. It states that dogs are carnivores and they thrive on fresh meat. As such, their food is made with a minimum of 80% fresh meat and is based on the wild diet. The products of Nature’s Kitchen is manufactured using only human-grade ingredients and is packaged in 100% recyclable containers. So don’t forget to purchase some when you relocate here!

Florida Crystals

This is the only certified organic sugar grown and harvested in the USA. This is a leading producer of sugar and the country’s first fully integrated sugar company, situated in West Palm Beach. It sprawls over 155,000 acres of land, two sugar mills, a sugar refinery, a rice mill, a packaging and distribution center, a renewable energy facility and the largest biomass power plant in North America.

Tropicana Pure Premium

The groves of Florida are well known because of their superior, sandy soil conditions, state-of-the-art irrigation practices and fine citrus. Tropicana, the world-famous brand is the largest single buyer of Florida fruit, which supervises more than 400 Florida groves. Tropicana was founded in Florida in 1947 and purchased by PepsiCo in 1998. In 2007, Tropicana began adding Brazilian oranges to the juice due to decreased productivity of Florida oranges because of damaging hurricanes, but over the last year, it is back to using only hand-graded oranges. Refreshing orange juice is perfect to take the edge of a stressful move.

Belle Ame’ Bath and Body

The venture began only as a hobby but it slowly grew into a line of bath and body products that are beneficial to the skin with a personal touch. Each and every item, starting from bath bombs to goat’s milk and honey lotions to lib scrub, is made-to-order and shipped from Pensacola. There are also custom-made products for children and men.

Before you can experience the wonderful things Florida has to offer, you need to ensure the move here is tension-free and done properly. Get in touch with moving professionals in Aventura, Boca Raton relocation experts, moving companies in Miami Beach, relocation firms in Daytona Beach, Fort Myers movers, or moving services in Delray Beach. Jack Watson

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