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The Beautiful Lakes on Bali

Bali, being an island, is surrounded by bodies of salt water. In fact, this is the number one attraction that brings tourists to Bali. However, apart from the fresh salty sea there are also other bodies of water like the beautiful lakes in Bali. If you haven't gone around Bali yet, then this is the time to step outside the comfort of your villaand explore the beautiful island. First stop should be the four most beautiful lakes of Bali namely the Batur, Bratan,Buyan, and Tamblingan.

Lake Batur

Considered as the largest lake on the island, it was formed some ten thousand years ago in Bali's northern part. Since it is a crater lake and sits at the foot of Mount Batur, people can indulge in the many hot springs and be amaze by the natural resources around. The lake is shaped like a crescent and covers an area of about 18 square kilometers.

If you cross to the other side you need to on board a boat, you will arrive at a village called Trunyan where the Bali Aga people live.

Lake Bratan

Coined as the second largest lake in Bali which is located right next to Mount Bratan and Mount Catur. The Lake was formed in the volcano crater which makes it rise 1200 meters above sea level. Also this place said to be guarded by the most photographic temple of Pura Ulun Danu. The Temple grounds are extensive, and immaculate and the Temple itself is spectacular and makes an incredible impression as it juts out into the lake.

Several water activities thrive here. There are slow paddle boats or speed boats which take you all around since its spread in a large area.

The nearby Candikuning market is also worth a look. There are lots of colorful fruit for sale, including delicious strawberries and passion fruit, which thrive in the area.

Lake Buyan

About five kilometers to the north of Bratan, lies another lake called Buyan. Although considered the smallest lake on the island, it still accommodates about 0.116 cubic kilometers of water, on the shore there is a water temple and it sits next to Lake Tamblingan which is considered as its twin lake. This area is also abundant in fish which is the main source of food to the local people. On the other hand you can also hire a row boat to explore the natural beauty and scenery.

Lake Tamblignan

As mentioned above, this is the twin lake of Buyan as both are sitting side by side. If you come from Pancasari Village in the Singaraja Regency where its twin is located, you only need to travel about 25 kilometers to get to Tamblingan.

It is interesting to know that once upon a time, both Tamblingan and Buyan, were one body of water. However, in the early 19th century, a landslide separated the two lakes which is how they came to be known as the twins.

Exploring these lakes can be done with ease and don't forget your camera if you want to have a documentation of your adventure. You can hire a driver or if you wan more challenging you can hire a car and navigate your way though the different villages. It is a little cooler in these areas so make sure to pack a light jacket or long sleeve top.
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