Sunday, 01 September 2013 20:22

There’s no terrorism to be afraid of in Europe

Although it has been a long time since serious terrorist attacks have occurred, many of us are still afraid of travelling without fear, especially by plane.  This is why the European Commission has decided to calm down its EU citizens by showing them how much they are doing to ensure that we are all sleeping well.

How is the European Union fighting terrorism? It takes three basic steps to provide us with complete protection.  Firstly: it prevents recruitment (it disables entities and groups which attract others to take part in terrorist activities and checks whether the public opinion is dominated by peace, and not extremism.  In order to do this, the EU attempts to take care of its countries so that there is no discrimination of race or ethnicity, and that a system of democracy and equality dominates).  Secondly, it impedes access to explosive materials (for example, by limiting the distribution of chemicals, which could be used in the construction of home-made bombs). And thirdly: it eradicates the funding of terrorist organizations.
All of these steps are described in the film prepared by the European Commission, which shows us that we really shouldn’t be afraid of terrorism.  Despite the elimination of borders and the ease of trade between countries, the danger of terrorism is truly minimal.  The European Union has already made sure, that all banned substances do not pass through illegal channels and that terrorist organizations are annihilated before they have a chance to flourish.
For this reason, my dear EU citizen, you may rest assured!