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Ice Pops Make Nutritious Frozen Delicacy

Whether they are called popsicles, ice pops, frozen treats, freeze pops, frozen fruit pops or flavor ice pops, you can make your own wellbalanced sweet treats that beats the heat wave for just a few pennies. The best part of these treats is that you control what goes into them - you can avoid each of the high fructose corn syrup, Natural Flavors,Yeast Extract, Glumatic Acid (MSG), Carrageenan, food dyes and other Genetically ModifiedOrganisms (GMOs) you can find in your

retail grocery store items.

These are great for family members that have kids with food allergies. Did you know that over 6 million kids in the United States have food allergies to gluten, eggs, milk, nuts, fish, soy, yeast and so on. Eating healthy can make abig difference in lives of those impacted by these conditions.

How to make ice pops is very manageable. All you need to make homemade ice pops is some healthy food items, juice and a creative mind. The latest style is Silicone ice pop molds. They are BPA-free and FDA approved. Ice Pop Makers can be used to make Ice Pops and Freeze Pops. Here is a ingredients of our family's favorite ice pop:

1 package of chocolate pudding. 1/2 cup mini marshmallows. 1/4 cup chopped peanuts. Mix, fill ice pop molds and freeze overnight.

If you decide to go above and beyond for some excellent looking, amazing tasting and healthy ice pops, here are some ideas for you. And have the kids help you; it will be more fun for everyone:. • Fancy Layers-- Layer ice pops with different layers of yogurt, pudding or gelatin. • Frozen Yogurt pops-- Pick your favor yogurt like strawberry, blueberry, banana, lime orplain, and pour into an ice pop maker. Add some cut up fruit with it to make frozen fruit pops. • Parfait Ice Pops-- Layer any filling with a whipped topping in between. • Party Fun Pops-- Add sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows, nuts or coconut to your frozen treats. You can also make them in all kinds of wild shades by using organic foodcoloring. • Love-cicles-- Mix 1 or 2 tsp. Tang and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract with milk (or Soy orCoconut Milk). (You can adjust to your taste.) Fill ice pop makers to the top and freeze. Some people compare this to the high dollar Orange tasting drinks youcan get at the mall. • Rocket Pops-- Layer red, then white, then blue Kool-Aid, juice or Jell-O for festivefreeze pops-- like you use to have when you were a kid. • Pina Colada Special-- Whirl pineapple juice, coconut and banana in a blender, then fillthe ice pop molds and freeze upright.

Article by Jessie Dauwsen, grandmother of 8. There are many good ice pop makers on the market. My favorite is Silicone Ice Pop Molds by Silicone Designs. There product is in high demand, so buy quickly before they run out of stock.



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