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How to Approach Genuine Masala Manufacturers in India?

Different types of Indian spices such as cumin powder, turmeric, black pepper, etc. form an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. Spices or as they call in India ‘masala’, manufacturers, exporters & suppliers have a significant contribution in providing the taste to the Indian food recipes made across the globe. However, the main reason behind this success is the painstaking efforts made consistently by exporters to enhance the quality of product. Spices form the heart & soul of

Indian cooking and need to be of high quality for the general public to make use of it. There are very few manufacturers, who provide quality product and to find the genuine one, you need to consider certain essential aspects, which we will be discussing further.
Identifying the best masala manufacturers in India and top Indian spices exporters is very important, especially if your business involves distributing or selling of variety of spices to commercial & high-end food industry whether in India or outside. From food chains, restaurants to households require high-quality spices like Cumin Powder , fennel seeds, etc. to add flavor, aroma and taste to the food. To discuss about all the important aspects, which should be considered to approach a genuine Indian masala exporter for your requirement:-
Quality It is a very important factor and should be given top most priority, when it comes to condiments & other exotic spices. Also, consider how they are manufactured by making use of traditional methods. Does it undergo proper processing & packaging procedures? Ensure that Indian spices exporters offer the facility and the expertise to provide the most aromatic and high-quality ones for customer’s requirement.

Natural Check whether the product offered by masala manufacturers in India have been processed with artificial or natural fertilizers. You should opt for product, which is organically grown. Ask the exporters from where they get the product and how it is processed. The proper understanding of the agro based products will give you a better understanding and give you confidence about the quality of product offered by the exporters.

Variety First of all, list out the spices you are looking for. Certain exporters focus on particular kind of spices depending on which spice is best to sell during that particular season. Spices vary depending on geographical location in both taste and aroma. For this reason, it is important to approach specialist exporters, who are expert in selling those specific products. Contact the supplier directly In order to get the contact details of exporter, you can search for it in business directories. It is better to contact them directly to discuss with them your specific needs. Make sure to not get trapped by the intermediaries, who may lure you with sales tactics but in-turn sell you the products at marked up rate.

Thus, by considering these mentioned aspects, you can be confident of approaching the best masala manufacturers in India for your specific requirement.


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