Friday, 16 August 2013 10:58

Discover the story of your ideal meal

Food at a modern restaurant – What are you really eating? I’m sure that like me, you’ve also asked yourself this question multiple times before tucking in on a night out in the company of your friends or family.

Every now and again, we all get fed up with affairs in the media associated with it. They plow through the whole process, starting with where the raw products come from and how they are grown, through to how they are treated before they enter the kitchen, and ending with the conditions under which your food is prepared and served before it ends up on your table and enters your mouth. Are these stories true, or is the media just making a meal of these issues?

We invite you to Kelowna in British Columbia to get away from all your food worries, which could easily eat you up and find real answers. Why should you, the customer who deserves the highest quality, settle for anything less than the most natural and organic way of being nourished?

In this video, the Farm to Table program is explained by its members, where both farmers and restaurant staff are all involved in a joint effort to provide a back-to-basics approach to catering. Before deciding to sit down and enjoy a meal in one of their restaurants, they aim to settle all possible doubts concerning the food you choose to eat, by taking you on a guided tour. You can see for yourself where their food comes from and how it’s prepared. You can ask questions and then listen to what those who have provided the food for their customers have to say about it.

Why not go and get a taste of what’s happening there? I’m sure that after viewing this video, you will also be convinced that when you and your closest companions go out to a restaurant in the care of the Farm to Table program, you’ll not only have chosen a good place to eat, but also gone on a reassuring journey. After all… you are what you eat, and you deserve to be fully informed about what you’re getting your teeth into in order to fully enjoy the experience.



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