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How Can Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Help You?

Extra virgin coconut oil is great for more than just cooking. Did you know that you can use it as a mouthwash and a moisturizing hair mask? It is packed full of vitamins and nutrients your mouth, teeth, gums, and hair need to be healthy. What is extra virgin coconut oil?  Extra virgin coconut oil is the oil from a coconut.

Of course, the oil doesn’t just pour out of coconuts when you cut them open. Actually, the white part, or meat, of the coconut is hard and so is the oil.

When stored at room temperature, coconut oil is hard and comes in a tub just like lard or butter. Upon heating, the coconut oil turns from a hard state into a liquid state just like melting lard or butter.

Easy Ways to Improve Teeth and Hair

So, how can you strengthen teeth and deep condition your hair at the same time? It’s as easy as taking a shower. Yep – you can kill two birds with one stone so to speak. When you wake up in the morning, your mouth tastes bad, doesn’t it? If you breathe on someone, they will probably take a step back. That bad taste and bad smell is the bacteria that has grown overnight.

The bacteria in your mouth can cause many health problems besides bad breath and a bad tasting mouth. Bacteria can lead to gingivitis which can lead to heart disease. In case you didn’t know heart disease is one of the #1 killers today.

That being said – before showering or bathing, put some extra virgin coconut oil, preferably organic coconut oil, into your mouth. It takes a few minutes before it begins to melt. Then, start to swish. You should swish for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Before washing your hair, add the coconut oil to your hair just as you would conditioner or a hair mask. Let sit for about 5 minutes then, wash as usual.

What else is extra virgin coconut oil good for?

It is good for the skin, colon, stomach, hair, teeth, mouth, gums, diabetes, cholesterol, and is also great for cooking.

Try using coconut oil instead of some other type of oil. You may find it tastes much better and is much better for you. If you are looking to change your overall health, extra virgin coconut oil may be your answer. Don’t stop with teeth, gums and hair. Go for the bigger picture and use it for everything. You can find coconut oil at many grocery stores, pharmacies, and health food stores. If you’d rather not go around searching for it, you can also order it online. Just be sure that it is the good stuff. You’ll know when you smell it. If it doesn’t smell like coconut, it isn’t the good kind. Anette Phillips http://www.amazines.com/


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