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Indian Food for the Nutrition Savvy Connoisseur

When one talks of Indian food, all that one thinks of is the delectable taste that Indian cuisine offers. The spice that enthrals our taste buds and the aroma of herbs and condiments are enough to lure us into the world of exquisite culinary skills that have been mastered over the years to give you the perfect taste of India. However, apart from the enticing aroma and

taste, Indian food is a salubrious one that can be had without worrying about the extra carbohydrates and fats, a trait that is well associated with foods such as junk food.

The health conscious people who keep a check on the health and fitness might be aware about the need for proteins in their diet to keep up with the wear and tear endured while working out. For the layman, proteins are the most essential nutrients in order to gain muscle mass and cope up with weight loss.

Indian food consists of ingredients that are rich in protein. Let us have a look at these components of food that are an important part of popular Indian cuisine.

Paneer (cottage cheese): Paneer is one of the main food ingredients that is widely used in north Indian platters. Cottage cheese, as it is known in the West, is a delicacy that is savoured across India. Paneer is a rich source of protein as it is sourced from milk; the protein content however depends on the milk it has been extracted from. Therefore, paneer that is prepared from buffalo milk may be rich in proteins as well as fats. Normally, a 350 gm paneer serving contains approximately 14 g proteins, therefore making it an excellent source of protein.

Lentils: Popularly known as dal, these protein rich legumes are part of Indian food as a staple diet of almost all states of India. Lentils are made in a number of styles, with the curry form of preparation being the most common type across the country. There are varieties of dals and over a 100 recipes to make each of them. Dals are rich in protein as well as fiber; they also have several micronutrients such as iron, potassium and magnesium.

Nuts: Nuts are mostly used in preparation of exotic recipes as they are expensive; however some nuts are used in making daily preparations in form of paste. Nuts such as cashews are crushed to make a paste and are used in many recipes.

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