Monday, 02 September 2013 14:08

Where to eat in Sicily: street food VS restaurants in Palermo

If you have planned a trip to Sicily, probably you already know what they say about Sicilian cuisine and restaurants in Palermo. If you don't, you should know that in Sicily cooking is a real art and in every plate you can find centuries of tradition and history. Eating is never just satisfying your hungry in Sicily, but a real ritual (almost holy) moment. It's sharing, loving,

showing respect, having good time and experimenting, always respecting ancient customs. That's the reason why all over the island and especially in the capital, you can try the most typical food exactly where it was born a lot of time ago: on streets.
Street food VS restaurants in Palermo Although it may seem so, actually there isn't any challenge between street stands and restaurants in Palermo. It just depends on you and how brave you feel to try street food while walking around the small alleys in Palermo centre. The most typical neighbourhood in this sense where you can find fine restaurants and peculiar stands is Vucciria, the location of one of the historical markets of the city. Don't make the appearances scare you and taste everything they sell. And if you can't do it, then choose a restaurant and order some specialities on the menu.

The most peculiar dishes Although every dish of the Sicilian cuisine is really tasty and worthy to be tried, there are some that you can't miss for any reason. Panelle: fried yellow rectangles made of chickpea flour; Crocche': Sicilian potato croquettes with some parsley; Arancina: a rice ball stuffed with meat sauce or ham and mozzarella cheese (at least in the classic versions); Sfincione: flatbread dressed with tomato sauce, onions, anchovies, oregano, bread crumbs and caciocavallo cheese. Aren't you drolling yet?

Some peculiar restaurants in Palermo There are some special restaurants in Palermo where you can attend the magic encounter between the past and the present. When old traditions meet the newest artistic forms of food presentation the result is a wonderful edible work of art that will please all your senses, from sight to taste. Colours merge with smells to astonish tourists and locals in precious dishes served in unique and stunning ways. The secret is following the latest trends without forgetting the old teaching handed down by Sicilian grandmothers. So, now it's your choice. Are you going to go around some old streets or will you book in one of these special restaurants in Palermo? Marco Valenti