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Monday, 29 July 2013 11:47

Healthy food for summer

Healthy eating is pretty much the basis of our existence. As a result of it, you can maintain a slim figure, you feel happy with yourself and you have the energy to overcome all of your daily worries. This is why it's also worth ensuring that you are eating healthy meals in the summer, when there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available.
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Parents may have many wonderful ideas in mind for planning their child’s birthday party. It has to be the most colorful and fun-filled event. The most common ideas are arranging for balloons, cake, drinks, spaghetti and ice cream. But why not try something creative? Parents should plan very carefully because it is not an easy task when it comes to prepare food for kids’ party. Food served at kids parties should grab the attention of children; it has to be made colorful and
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Sunday, 21 July 2013 11:21

Chicken, chick chick favorite

Humans are actually foodie beings. They have a lot of fun while dealing with the funny attributes of their taste buds. They have been through so many tastes in their whole life time that even they won’t know the exact number. Yes, the humans are of course, us. But we have a variety of favorites and a variety of non favorites. Many also say that their favorites change now and then, so that just happens like TV series. Whatever it is we humans had, have and always will continue
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Tuesday, 16 July 2013 17:46

Get Faster With Food Processing Machines

When you are associated with catering industry and looking around a whole resort or hotel or restaurant, the first thing that comes to your mind is providing quality and taste to your customers. When there are more than 50 people to deal with everyday, you need high quality resources to serve their requirements on time. When operating a hotel or restaurant or food corner in a public place, you need to have proper and sufficient resources to fulfil the requirement of
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With the advancement of technology, making food has also become easier. Now, you do not have to work manually wasting your time and energy in making food. You can have the stainless steel food processing machine in your hotel. When the cook is busy in making good food, these machines will take few seconds to cut down the vegetables and grind the fruits for your customers. This will not only improve the quality of food but, will also save a lot of time to serve food to the
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When equipping a home with kitchen knives, consumers must determine to maintain the investment or it will quickly become something that is no longer useful. Unless one provides proper care, the knife's cutting edge can become worn to the point it is no longer useable. Edges may become rolled, dented or chipped. Regardless of what one paid for the knife, these tips can ensure it remains in excellent condition. While many knife sets come with a steel, it may not be the
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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 18:11

Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Kids

kids headed back-to-school soon, I've come up with this roundup of healthy recipes for children that are good for the brain - Brain-Boosting foods that can help kids start the day off right, and them going throughout the day. Yes, that's right - there are specific foods that are especially great for the brain - these foods contain nutrients which help improve and maintain focus, and improve brain health. We've all heard that breakfast is an essential meal of the day, and it's so
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 23:10

Stir Fry Recipes

Fresh, fast and fragrant. Stir fries are a healthy and delicious way to savor up for dinner. Full of crisp vegetables and zinging  with ginger and garlic, one can’t go wrong for supper in a flash. Just add nuts for crunch and chilli for heat, it’s so easy to prepare.

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