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Healthy food for summer

Healthy eating is pretty much the basis of our existence. As a result of it, you can maintain a slim figure, you feel happy with yourself and you have the energy to overcome all of your daily worries. This is why it's also worth ensuring that you are eating healthy meals in the summer, when there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available.
Picnics, bike rides, travelling, or perhaps a trip to a nearby lake - all of these activities require you to prepare food.  But what should you take with you in such lovely weather? Well, you can immediately forget about sandwiches or any kind of meat products - it's much simpler to take some cheese cut up into small pieces, fruits and vegetables. Take a handful of wholegrain crackers, some nuts and you will have a nutritious meal.And most importantly - you can get your kids involved in the preparation, for example by making funny faces from the fruits and nuts. Letting children take part in preparing for a journey shows them how to look after themselves during the summer and that a tasty snack doesn't just have to consist of crisps.

Alright, but what if you're planning a longer trip? Well, since you're already making plans for it, then it's a good idea to plan your meals too, ensuring that you're taking all the essentials. Doing this will help YOU save money at your destination and you will not succumb to the temptation of just eating anything you can get your hands on.  So when you're planning a journey to the mountains or if you're planning to do some sightseeing, make sure your take some energetic snacks with you in your rucksack. Some cakes, a home made mix of nuts, joghurts, fruits and some nutritious sandwiches made of wholegrain bread.

Remember - healthy food is not just looking after your figure, but also looking after how you feel! So, if you don't want the heat to get to you, reach for some water and juicy fruits as often as possible

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