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Super high temperature fan and blower

Fans and Blowers Co. developed new temperature fans and blowers for industrial applications to 2000 F. This was achived by using extremely high strength stainless steel alloys for the fans impellers, that allow for higher safe speeds at elevated temperatures.  The Fans and Blowers Co. high temperature oven fans line now include:  - Operating up to 2000 F, centrifugal, axial and plug fan types; - Pre-engineered and custom made fans for all types of applications with
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Industrial Air Makeup Unit

ABB Blower Co. offers different types of Industrial Make-Up Air Systems for larger industrial plants ventilation needs. An improvement in the at industrial facilities environment can produce substantial benefits in terms of increased production, reduced errors, and a decline in complaints and absenteeism among employees.
 Air-Handling Units for Make-Up Air and Space Pressurization Applications have the following features:  - Outlet Temperature is usually monitored with a probe