Wednesday, 12 June 2013 20:09

Time2GoNatural : Switch to natural laundry detergents for a safer environment

Lately, people have woken up to the health factor of their bodies as well as the environment. In this regard, there have been many discoveries and inventions to make organic and all natural products. One such product is Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent. A natural laundry detergent is made from 100 percent all natural cleaning ingredients. It is known to be a safe, eco- friendly, hypoallergenic laundry detergent that cleans without leaving any chemical residue on your fabric.
As it is made with biodegradable enzymes it is safe for the environment. Most of these eco-friendly detergents are free of fragrance; hence they leave your clothes smelling fresh without any artificial fragrances. One of the good things about these natural products is that they are specially formulated to be non-irritating to sensitive skin. People who are prone to allergies can use these products without stressing about any side-effects. An exclusively convincing fact about these powerful eco friendly detergents is that they can work equally good with cold water as well, cutting your energy consumption for water at the same time. As far as the ingredients in conventional detergents are concerned, the manufacturers aren’t required to disclose this information to consumers. Consequently, most of the time people don’t even know what hazardous chemicals are getting onto their clothes and eventually, bodies. Many a products are marked “dangerous”, “toxic” or “hazardous”. Now, if one may think, ultimately our clothes are in continuous contact with our bodies and little kids tend to take them in their mouth sometimes, where is the toxic stuff going then. As scary as it might sound, it is indeed true. Switching to a Natural Washing Detergent ensures that only the most natural and many a times 100% plant based ingredients are being used on your clothes. When purchasing your environmental friendly detergent, you can look for those brands that list their ingredients for the consumers to be doubtless about their authenticity. Also, it costs significantly less to manufacture these detergents, so you will also save a lot more when you buy the natural and eco-friendly alternatives. In such a time when everything is going expensive, being able to save on something is a blessing. It’s high time we play our part in saving our environment. Switching to natural products can be a little but contributing factor towards the cause. Do make sure to not drench the environment along with your clothes in a pool of chemicals the next time you do your laundry.