Wednesday, 12 June 2013 20:12

"Prevention better than Cure"

NBC Bird and Pest Solutions Scotland branch have recently been awarded a contract to supply Pest Prevention and Elimination services to Kippie Lodge Sports & Country Club, Peterculter, Aberdeen. We will be carrying out General Pest Prevention, Wasp Management, Fly Control Unit Servicing, Rook Control, Wildlife Management and Falconry. In addition to these services we have also been asked to carry out remedial fly screen door repairs. The main concern on site for
this client is the presence of Wasp Activity during the summer months. There is a patio area at the lodge building which is used for relaxation and dining during the warmer weather and a children’s play park area. At the Sports Complex there are outdoor tennis courts and a summer school recreation area. Wasps during the summer can have an adverse effect on these activities and the business.

In order to reduce the wasp pressure within these key areas, NBC Scotland branch have implemented a Pro-Active Wasp Management Programme. “Wasp Bane Traps” and “Waspinators” have been installed within strategic locations throughout site prior to commencement of wasp season. In the case of the “Wasp Bane Traps” the theory is that as soon as the wasp season starts the initial foraging wasps will become trapped thus limiting nest building opportunity.

In addition to this the breakdown of trapped wasps will lure other wasps into traps thus gaining maximum effect. The “Waspinators” work in a different way. To a wasp these look like a wasp nest due to the colour, shape and texture of the fabric. Wasps will not enter the territory of other wasps and as result will remain out with a radius of 20ft of protected areas, ensuring these remain wasp free.

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