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Incandescent and Fluorescent Lights

Years ago, Australia decided to use fluorescent lighting nationwide to step up the energy efficiency of the country, thus eliminating most incandescent bulbs. While the light found in incandescent bulbs is warm and luxurious, it can use a lot more energy and can use a lot more materials replacing the bulbs, thus affecting Australia’s eco friendly efforts in a double way. This is why countries like our focus so much on the little changes which each of us can participate in and in which
the numbers, added up, can translate to huge, historical changes.

Lighting is not the only way in which a million little changes have added up to a huge single change in energy consumption and eco friendly efficiency.

For many years, there have been great movements through the use of recycling. Many people have only contributed a little bit to this movement, but their combined efforts have made a tremendous difference. Envirosafe Solutions seeks to make sure that our contribution helps in larger ways, but in just as widespread of an impact as the lighting and recycling movements have had.

We provide many different types of chemical solutions for your industrial and home use, and we carry these chemicals with an added benefit. All of our products are eco friendly, some are even partly biodegradable, and many are completely septic safe. This is something which many companies may claim to have on this eco friendly industrial liquid, but we are one of the few businesses which have actually perfected the process and completed it.

Our solvent free degreaser, our radiator cleaner, and our dishwashing liquid are just some examples of how our products contribute in very real and solid ways to the economy as well as the ecology of our nation.

Every part of Australia is devoted to becoming as sustainable as possible and Envirosafe Solutions is doing our part to uphold this grand tradition. Look at the product pages of our dishwasher powder and our fuel conditioner and judge for yourself: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

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