Friday, 08 November 2013 16:54

Women's fall winter fashion styles and trends

Fashion is not just wearing latest clothes and looking stunning, it is about associating with oneself. The fashion styles depend on a lot many factors. Climatic conditions, latest trends, level of comfort, skin tone, body frame etc. With winter right in the corner, the mad dash for the right outfits for the party season sends everyone into a tizzy.

The hottest styles in the cold winter months are every woman’s desire. Right now we have a mixed reaction of the fashion trends from women. Some prefer bright colors in the dull winter days, whereas, others prefer nude shades that are currently making everyone go gaga over it. Apart from colors the style of dresses and sweaters creates a huge hype in women’s fashion.

With the temperatures dropping to freeze and the leaves falling, it is winter approaching fast towards us. Women are hardly left behind when it comes to upping their fashion statement. The winter season brings with it new and hot trends to follow and sport that are sure to make the town sizzle during the party season.

The must have in a woman’s wardrobe this winter are the following things:

Shoes: Cap toe shoes are the trend for this winter. It has a different feeling as the tip of the shoe sports a metallic color

Animal print tops: It is an evergreen fashion trend that is sure to rock if paired properly with solid bold colors.

Floral prints: Makes the boring winters bright and cheery, this year dark floral prints are in the trend.

Leather Skirt: Up the hotness with a leather skirt that is sure to rock the party you visit.

Oversize coat: It is another huge trend this winter that is a bit masculine but can prove to be sexy on a woman.

Ear cuffs: This trend is right back from the 1980’s. The punk-rock look can really make the statement and is really eye catching.

Tartan: This may seem old fashioned but this year it is back to rock the wardrobes and the school girl skirt print is sure to liven up the outfits you pair with it.

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