Friday, 22 November 2013 17:32

Nike for the Young

Nike is a brand that has successfully promoted itself and made its name huge in the men’s clothing industry. There is no man out there who does not recognize the Nike swoosh logo. The brand has gained universal recognition and it is its strength which it exploits in the marketing aspects. Nike has offered top quality clothing for men over the years of its operation and never fails or disappoints its customers.

According to the Greeks Nike means victory and this is what Nike has turned its brand into. It has succeeded enough to justify its name. Nike was founded in 1964 and initially started to supply shoes and apparel for manufacturers of sports equipment. Currently it earns billions of dollars of revenue annually and satisfies each one of its customers who prefers luxury clothing.

The target audience of Nike mainly includes the youth. It has transformed itself into a premium brand and sells well designed and expensive products. It has formed an urban fashion brand image and has made it popular among the youth. Nike has promoted itself successfully via sport athletes and celebrities due to which it is desirable among the youth and the adult men as well.

Nike also offers swimwear for men. Men have a requirement of looking good everywhere and be impressive. This same requirement applies at the beach too. Due to this Nike’s swimwear is made to look stylish and cool as well. Men can choose from various styles from the top designer brand.

Nike also offers golf apparel for men. It offers very comfortable clothes for men that are not too tight and have natural shoulders. The brand also offers a wide range of short sleeve jackets which are available in several colors and variety. Nike also offers caps for men which can be bought to look a bit more stylish while saving you from the sunlight.

Nike's trench coat has gained a lot of fame recently. The Hayward Men's trench coat has an iconic design and has a very light weight which keeps it manageable. It is also waterproof which is another quality of this coat. It is a perfect choice for anyone living in a wet weather. The fabric is also storm fit which repels the wind. This strong fabric makes it desirable for those living in snowy or rainy regions. The coat is too classy and also has several pockets to make it easier to carry small things such as a media player.

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