Thursday, 23 June 2016 13:29

Mohito Loves Barbie

World famous blonde never stops inspiring! Just like Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld or Diane von Furstenberg, who have already produced some tailor-made outfits before, now Jeremy Scott of Moschino and photographer Giampaolo Sgura – author of amazing photoshoot for Vogue Paris, got enchanted with her and her unquestionable charm. Barbie has stepped with confidence also into the world of Mohito, making herself the of our new special collection.

Plastic pop icon is present in our new lookbook on tees and tunics. Simple cuts are spiced up with stylish details: perfect collars and jewel applications around the neckline. Most important, however, are prints, which aim is to prove that Barbie IS a real Mohito Woman: independent, self-confident, trendy, and, of course, shopping queen – just like our Clients.
Fascinated with the world of Barbie, our designers decided to make another step and added a Barbie-style-inspired line to the T-shirt collection. Thus you may find asymmetric dress decorated with rescaled bow, flared strapless dress, or a classy set of pencil dress matched with perfectly cut suit jacket.

The line will be available in selected brand stores and in our online store from May 18th. Social media promotion would be conducted with a hashtag #mohitolovesbarbie.

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