Friday, 02 September 2016 09:45

Mohito Athleisure for spring/summer 2016

Not only on streets, but also red carpet's ! Athleisure is a phenomenon wgich stands for more then simple set of casual and glam: it is a lifestyle consciouly chosen by women all over the world. And to these women Mohito for spring 2016 collection was designed and dedicated.


 Fashion has already stepped down form runaways straight to the world of fitness a good while ago. History trends to repeat itself, thus the aesthetics associated mostly with the gym starts to ger more and more power to influence fashion trends.

 New Mohito Athleisure collection combines comfort and convenience of sportswear with modern design. All items in the line are maintained in color set of black, neon pink and trendy leopard print. In the creative process our designers focused mainly on the purpose that outfits are to serve – sports and fitness. Clients can choose among fitness tops, cosy yet stylish leggings, wind-resistant parka and metallic jacket. Outfits are complemented with baseball cap, shoes in vivid colors and a catch-all fitness bag. All of the items were made with TLC and highest attention to detail.

Collection Mohito Athleisure is available in chosen stationary boutiques from March 2016 on.


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