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Types of mens gold chain links

Gold Cuban link Gold Cuban link

Not so long ago jewelry for men was a kind of product that did not sell so well. People believed that accessories, such as rings, bracelets or chains are reserved for women only. But fortunately it changes quite quickly, and men can freely choose from a vast collection of many different types of jewelry.

The choice is really great, so as a matter of fact, you may even have problems with deciding on what kind of accessory to buy. And customers are often surprised that jewelry stores offer them such a big selection of beautiful gold chains. They are extremely popular among men, who want to find the accessory which perfectly fits their character, personality, style and taste. Thankfully, everyone should find such chain, but first you need to find out what types of mens gold chain links there are.

Gold Chains For Men Who Like Heavier Looks

As it was mentioned above, men love gold chains, but the number of choices is so great that choosing just one may be a huge problem. That is why, at first you should think about what are your expectations concerning such piece of jewelry. A lot of male customers look for some heavier and thicker options, which you may easily find in any good jewelry store.

The most popular type of chain is probably the gold Cuban link chain. Men can choose to buy its more heavy version with large links. And the links themselves are quite classic, as they are flattened, slightly twisted and interlocked together, creating a tough and durable chain. Another option which is often chosen by men is Rope chain, which consists of strands that are twisted and spiraled together, so they look like a rope. You can also choose how thick such rope will be. And last but not least, there is a Mariner chain in which a single, small and round link alternates with larger oval link. Because of that, the chain looks like the one attached to a boat’s anchor.

Smaller And More Affordable Gold Chains For Men

Gold Cuban link may be the most popular type of chains among men, but if you are a fan of much smaller accessories, there is still a great choice of such pieces of jewelry for you. Especially, if you like to combine such gold chains with some kind of pendants, we may have a very interesting options for you.

A Gucci style chain is definitely among those which are very appreciated by men around the world. They look almost like the anchor chain, but the links in this kind of jewelry are round, which makes it look lighter. Also Rolo chains are frequently purchased, as they are simple and very elegant at the same time. The round or oval links of such piece of jewelry are usually of the same size, joined in an alternating sequence. And one more chain type that is definitely at the top of the list is Franco link chain, which is based on the curb pattern. It is made with V-shaped links and seems to be quite sturdy, but still looks light.

As you may imagine, these are just some examples of the types of mens gold chains that should draw your attention. There are many more options available on the market, so you can easily find the one, that will perfectly match your taste and expectations. What’s more, most gold chains are perfect support for pendants, which can be really great accessory. There are thousands of various pendants, shaped like crosses or symbols connected with ancient Egypt, and even simple slogans. They are made from different kinds of materials, so you may choose if you want to buy solid gold one or rather pay less for gold plated jewelry, which also looks stunning. Either way, they may create a perfect duo with the right kind of the gold chain.

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