Monday, 30 January 2017 17:29

Which mannequins are best for your store display?

The times when clothes were only presented on hangers or identical mannequins are long gone. Currently, the customer expects outfits to be presented in an interesting, attractive way and not have to remove it from the rack to see its form. That is why it is so important to perfectly match the mannequins you intend to buy to your product range and type of store. What mannequin is the best then?

Nowadays, there are companies on the market which specialise in the production of high-quality mannequins from modern materials. This ensures that they are durable, lightweight, and can be ordered in virtually any size or pose, which provides more options for displaying various clothing items. Modern mannequins no longer resemble those used in shops a few decades ago, both in terms of quality and form. They are now more effective in encouraging potential customers to come inside and discover what the shop has to offer. High-quality mannequins can also be used to showcase and highlight the fine details of accessories and jewellery, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, and hats.

When choosing mannequins, remember to select those that best emphasise the character of the presented collection. For example, mannequins with elegant poses and a slender silhouette are recommended for boutiques, and sometimes it is worth investing even in avant-garde mannequins with a modern form.

Sports shops would be well advised to use mannequins in dynamic poses imitating movement, e.g. during running or exercising.

Chain stores offering clothing for different age groups, genders and sizes, should choose mannequins corresponding to the shape of their target group of customers. That's why in these shops you can often see not only standard mannequins, but also ones for presenting children's clothes, plus size fashion, and maternity clothing.

There are more and more online stores which prefer preparing photos of their product range themselves. In order to meet their needs, mannequin manufacturers also produce special models that look great in pack shots.


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