Saturday, 23 March 2013 18:12

Examine yourself for cancer and live!

Statistics ring the alarm bells – 7,6 million deaths worldwide every year are caused by cancers. This number is even worse for United Kingdom – over 75% of deaths in the over 65 age group are caused by cancer. What should we do to avoid being a part of this group?
Cancer is a very cunning killer. He attacks really unexpectedly and early stages hardly ever makes one’s presence felt. Sick person can not even realize that in his organism harmful cells mutations have already begun. The mutations which aren’t threatened so they can develop in our body.
Afterwards we feel worse and worse. Specific part of our body hurts, we feel weakened and in case of blood tumours – we feel complaints like vertigos, continuous infections or nosebleeds. When this condition stays or simply pain became no longer endurable, we go to the doctor.
And then it mostly turns out that chances of recovery are no longer about 90% but 50% or less. Why is that so? Because malicious tumour rages in organism wreaking havoc and weakening body. However at this stage we still have a chance for effective therapy.
And what if cancer doesn’t cause symptoms until it spreads all over the body in the guise of metastasis? Then we’re fighting just for the next day. We’re fighting for survival and for not being a wreck.
Anyway what should we do? Examine ourselves regularly. Going to the doctor and checking if there is something wrong with us. Because the quicker cancer detection is the quicker cancer diposal.