Wednesday, 27 March 2013 22:55

Moodabidri - The Bamboo Land

Moodabidri is a small town located in the southern state of Karnataka. This town is just 37 km away from the city of Mangalore and this place also known in many other names like Mudbidri, Moodbiri and Bedra. The town has is fame for being a centre of Jainism in the South India. Moodabidri is a sacred place for Jains and is otherwise known as Jain Kashi and this small town is located very close to the Arabian Sea and is enriched with historical and cultural background.

Moodabidri gained its name from the bamboo cultivation in these parts. Moodu means “east” and Biduru means “bamboo” in the local language.

The history of this place takes one back to 13th Century AD mainly in terms of Jain Temples which had emerged during this period of time. Now Moodabidri has several (18) Jain temples in and around attracting tourists. Most of the Jain temples are found to have been built in hard granite with beautifully carved pillars and this feature is found common in most of Jain temples. Most important of these are Chandranath Thousand Pillared Temples. Most of the other temples are located around the road Basadi and the most attracted Jain temple in this locality is Tilaka Tribhuvana Chudamani Basadi, well known for its complex architecture. The varieties of pillars here in this Basadi gained the name as Thousands pillars temple and was built in 1430 AD, and finished its construction in 3 years.
Some other major tourism spots here in Moodabidri are famous Jain temples and monuments - Guru Basadi, Chudamani Tilaka Tribhuvana Basadi and Ammanavara Basadi and Basadi is primary of all the three. The deity of Basadi Guru is Lord Parshwanath on 23 Thirthankar of Jainism and is a beautifully carved idol with 3.5 metres high. In spite of these attractions other locations are Gowri Temple and Hanuman Temple, which are devotees’ favourite point of worship.

Moodabidri though is a city in nature; it is well nourished by nature with beautiful natural looks painted in green. There are over 18 ponds here in and around Moodabidri. Moodabidri is also home for many festivals and traditions like Ganesh Chathurthi, Hulivesha, Kambala, Bhuta Kola, Dindu, and Nagaradhane. Uroos is also a famous festival celebrated by Muslims of Moodabidri every year.This place is well connected by road, and railway. Moodabidri is on the National Highway 13 and the nearest to Moodabidri is Mangalore, located 36 km away. Numerous regular bus services are also there from Moodabidri to other major townships. The ideal time to visit Moodabidri is during winter and during summer the temperature will go high to reach the peak whereas, during monsoons the climate is usually wet and humid.