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Lisbon - A City Of Art, Culture and History to Rejuvenate Yourself

The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, and definitely the oldest city in Western Europe. Globally, Lisbon is significant as a hub for finance, commerce, media, art, education and entertainment. This is because of its diversity and richness in international trade, art and culture that Lisbon is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe.

There are a lot of things to do in Lisbon, as the city offers a whole range of tourist spots, and culturally significant places to explore, along with providing gastronomic delight with good wine and music.

Amongst historic royalty

There are a lot of beautiful and architecturally brilliant structures where you can visit and witness the history in which the city is famous for. Some of the must-see monuments are:

=> Lisbon Cathedral: One of the oldest churches in the city, which has survived various calamities and still stands tall.

=> Hieronymites Monastery: This monastery contains the tomb of Vasco Da Gama.

=> Belem Towers: Initially designed for the city’s defense, these towers were later used as a lighthouse and customs house.

=> Monument to Discoveries: Built during the age of discoveries, this monument was built to commemorate the fifth centenary of death of Henry the navigator, who had discovered the Azores, Madeira and Cape Verde.

=> Sao Jorge Castle: This is one of the most important historical monuments in the city.

=> Commerce Square: This is one of the most important squares of Lisbon, and was used as a port for maritime commerce.

=> Rossio Square: This is the heart of the city, with lively restaurants and bars all around it.

=> Marques of Pombal Square: This marks the beginning of new Lisbon

Wine, Dine and Music

Lisbon is famous for its variety of wines, so wine tasting is one of the most important Things to do in Lisbon. These wines can be enjoyed with the delicious seafood, which the city has to offer. Lisbon is also famous for its special custard tart, called Pastel de Nata, and other pastries, which can be enjoyed on a leisurely stroll around the Rossio Square.

To get a feel of ancient Lisbon traditions, Alfama is the place highly recommended. This place has an intricate mesh of lanes, which cannot be navigated by cars. So, take a battery bike or a Segway and enjoy the natural beauty and scenery around. Alfama has a lot of Fado bars; Fado is the famous music of Lisbon, which was popular amongst sailors and fishermen. This music talk about the passion, loneliness and homesickness that men faced while travelling in seas and women encountered while caring for the families on the land. In the evening you will find a lot of Fado bars, in the area, playing live music, and offering its delightful seafood.

Other Attractions

Besides food and culture, you can witness the passion for art and history also in Lisbon.

There are museums like, National Coach Museum and Archaeology Museum, which offers an insight into the life that the city has lived. The two bridges, Vasco da Gama Bridge and 25th April Bridge are also sight to behold, as being Europe’s longest and the Lisbon’s oldest bridges respectively.


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