Thursday, 19 December 2013 12:11

You won’t see the world outside of this monitor!

LG 29EA73 LG 29EA73


Want a monitor that will be perfect in every way? Well, it already exists - the latest gadget from LG is hardware that will bring you to your knees. What would you want to be impressed by? A 21:9 wide screen monitor, the opportunity to split the screen into four independent images (eg. from different cameras), full compatibility with Macintosh computers, and a Dual Link-Up are only a part of the assets of the LG 29EA73 monitor.


If you throw in a Cinema Screen, incredibly realistic stereo sound output and the highest image quality (including moving images!) then we already know that we are dealing with the perfect monitor.

Given these advantages, there is no longer a need to wonder, while you watch the spot promoting this thing. Looking into the monitor, the young man doesn’t even notice the strange and dangerous creatures running around him. Completely absorbed in the game, he seems to be cut off from reality. Do you not believe in such a great quality monitor from LG? Today see for yourself how nothing will divert your eyes from the screen. Feel the difference in image quality and reach for the LG 29EA73 Monitor!