Thursday, 23 May 2013 15:46

Advice for new mums and dads!

Becoming a parent is an individual experience, which often brings a lot of happiness, expectations and anxiety to both of the parents- especially if this is your first child and you have thousands of questions and worries going through your mind every minute. Just for someone like you- a future mother or father- Pampers has created series of videos, which will give you all the advice that you need!
Just think of it- you will be able to hear advice from other mothers, who were once the same worried person as you, they will tell you how they felt when they were in the same position as you are now, they will also give you advice and tips on how to cope and how to keep positive during and after your pregnancy. Pampers has created these videos to help you find the answers for the questions and worries that you most probably have right now. The videos are presented in a form of interviews, with the head titles that will help you find exactly what you are looking for.
These videos were created in order to prepare you for the arrival of your baby and many other things that are associated with having a new born baby in your home. What’s more important, they will make you feel like there is someone else like you, not just one person, but thousands of other people, who have in fact, had the same worries as you.
These videos include very authentic and honest answers of young mums, which will give you the feeling of having an old friend, who knows exactly what your problem or worry is, and who knows what you want to hear from them. They are not going to lie to you by saying how beautiful your labour will be, or how easy it gets afterwards because that would be a lie, but they won’t say to you that it is going to be bad- because it won’t! All they do is share their experiences and tell you, with a good sense of humour, what you can expect and how you should deal with the upcoming, life-changing events.
And the best advice is – always do what your intuition tells you and think what will be the best for you and your little one. It is that simple!

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