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Invimed will help you get pregnant

 For women who are looking to fall pregnant around the world, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a means of successfully forming an embryo. During natural reproduction, oocytes (eggs) and sperm fuse during ovulation to form a zygote, which then implants itself in the uterus for the pregnancy to progress.

IVF bypasses this by fusing the oocyte and sperm outside of the body and implanting it in the uterus. Depending on why the couple is choosing IVF, this involves several preparatory stages.

 What is IVF and how does a couple prepare?

When a couple goes to a fertility clinic like Invimed, they usually do so as falling pregnant naturally has become challenging. This can be due to an ongoing condition like PCOS, age, or because one member of the couple is unable to produce oocytes or sperm that are suitable for becoming pregnant.

In the instance of a couple being able to use the woman's own oocytes, eggs need to be 'harvested' from her. This means administering hormones on a regular basis in the build-up to the treatment period so that a lot can be taken in one go. No such treatments are needed for the male. Alternatively, an egg donor or sperm donor may be needed, in which case the egg donor will receive the hormonal treatment.

How successful is IVF?

IVF's success largely depends on the biology of the couple concerned, any relevant donors, and the couple's health. Quitting smoking and drinking while maintaining a healthy diet is recommended for optimal results. Regardless of how tough the fertility challenges ahead are, it's possible to find a fertility clinic like Invimed that's willing to take them on. Adhering to treatment plans closely and staying healthy can help couples use IVF as a means of overcoming barriers to falling pregnant.


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