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IVF with egg donation – how to reduce costs of treatment

In Vitro Fertilization has revolutionized the situation of infertile couples. They do not need to suffer any more from lack of the possibility to have the offspring. Due to the procedure involving combining an egg with the sperm cells in laboratory conditions patients can overcome the causes of their impaired ability to procreate and enjoy parenthood.

This method of infertility treatment with own or donated cells allows to detect and bypass most of the infertility factors and additional using of the techniques of assessment of the quality of ova and sperm cells and preimplantation diagnosis enables ruling out the majority of the risks connected to one gene or chromosomal abnormalities. With growing success rates it gives a high probability of success of the procedure which is a propitious pregnancy and a healthy child. However, apart from many advantages In Vitro Fertilization has one major disadvantage – IVF is expensive. Especially in the Western countries such as the UK and USA the costs of it exceed what is considered affordable. Thankfully there are several ways to reduce the expenses couples need to pay for the procedure.


Investing in high quality

The costs of IVF can differ throughout facilities but they are generally high and that is what most patients expect, although it can be too much for an average couple. People often need to save for the cycle for a long time and still face the risk that the treatment could not pay off. However using the high quality clinic for In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation allows minimising that risk due to high success rates meaning greater probability of healthy pregnancy after a single cycle. Highest possible pregnancy rate results in reduction in the number of treatment attempts necessary for the positive outcome which lowers the overall expense. Although it is not a general rule, but the efficacy is usually associated with the quality of the procedure – the higher standards the more likely it is for infertile couples to achieve a goal that is fertilization and implantation of embryo resulting in proper pregnancy. That is why choosing best clinic is very important for the treatment result and for the total costs.

Does good mean expensive?

In pursuit of high standards people often tend to favour clinics with the procedures more expensive than the average ones due to suspicion they are average in terms of what they offer. The high efficacy is achieved by the application of state-of-art technologies of assisted reproduction and high standards of care, having an access to top-level egg cells coming from young donors of great health state and best doctors in the field. These are the factors that could make the procedure very expensive. Although there might be some exceptions in general high quality is associated with high costs and it is not without a point. However it applies only to levels of prices and reputation within one country or one market. What if we didn’t narrow down our choice?

IVF abroad

What if there was a possibility of getting an excellent treatment with In Vitro Fertilization with top-quality egg cells performed by best physicians and technicians in the country in the facility exceeding both European and US standards for half the price or less? There is – seeking medical help outside their countries is more and more popular among patients both from the UK and USA. Due to global differences in costs of life, employment, services including medical services or the remuneration payable to donor also the expenses to be paid for IVF with egg donation can be few times lower than in Western countries. At the same time the best clinics in countries where IVF is available can be even better than top-ranked facilities in patients home country and require a fraction of its average charge. Top clinics in countries like Czech Republic, Spain, Poland or Greece often effortlessly outrun many good or great US and UK centres in term of all quality, success rates, experience of the staff and cost both unit and total.

For more information visit where you can find out about what are the best and the least expensive destinations as well as search through the database of top-ranked clinics basing on various criteria facilitating decision-making.

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