Sunday, 10 March 2013 14:03

How environment, industralization and rain barrels are interconnected

As early as elementary science, it taught us that water covers 70% of the Earth's surface, while earth's land mass only covers 30% of the Earth's surface. Now that is huge different. Everyone might wonder how come other environmental organizations have been relentless in their campaign to conserve water. Well the truth is only a small percentage of water is actually in a useable stat.

The majority being the saltwater of the ocean or in the polar icecaps. And the rest of the earth's body of water such as rivers and streams are fast drying up. Rain barrels are one of the most practical ways to conserve water.

With the earth's booming population and industrialization, both require put pressure to the earth's water reservoir. The human population requires more fresh water to drink and so food production such as agriculture and livestock. As industrialization continues globally more and more water is used in manufacturing processes. These scenarios suggest one clear message to all; water shortage is an imminent problem in the near future.

The government has a big role to play in creating laws that protects earth's natural water resources from total destruction and disseminating information to the public with ways and means to conserve water. A lot of states in US are encouraging the use of rain barrels, especially to the households who are far away from towns and villages with no reliable water system.

By simple installing rain barrels, the household can save a great deal of water. Though rain barrel water may not pass as drinking water without proper and thorough filtration system, it can used in flushing toilet, lawn and gardening usage, car washing and general cleaning purposes. Collecting and catching rain water is easy too; minutes of heavy downpour are enough to fill up large rain barrels that can be used by households for several days. Just imagine how much water can be saved if all household will turn into utilize rain barrels as a mean to save and conserve water.

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